Born in Indianapolis, for over 40 years Arthur Miles can boast a consolidated and successful carrier in the international music world. He started at a very young age in Los Angeles, where the enveloping music of his uncle, the great guitarist Wes Montgomery, and his father’s winning night club “Arthur’s” allowed him to observe, absorb and jam with the most famous Blues, Jazz and Soul artists of the time.

From the age of 14 he has played as a professional musician with his own band. He perfected his singing technique at the School of Natural Voice at Los Angeles tutored by Patricia Warner, and contemporarily completed his formal studies in musical theory. The high level of musicianship attained together with his natural talent made him the most popular and in-demand artist of the moment. He also majored in journalism at the Pasadena City College, a qualification that preludes his ability with words and becomes apparent in his many songs.

His tours have taken him all over the world as an individual artist, vocalist and support to great names of the international music circuits such as Edwin Starr, Josè Feliciano, Gloria Gaynor, Big Joe Turner, Johnny Otis, Eddie Clean-Headed Vincent, Jimmy Bo Horn and others.

From his arrival in Italy Miles was immediately recognized as one of the major musicians in the country working for Microsoft, L’Orèal, Porsche, Candy, Polo Universitario di Monza, Martini, Samsung and Levis to mention a few.

Italian artists he has worked with include Paolo Conte, Loredana Bertè, Pierangelo Bertoli, Gerry Scotti, Panariello, Fiorello. Following an appearance at the famous “Scimmie” night club in Milan, he was invited by Renzo Arbore to participate in his popular show “Quelli Della Notte” on RAI Uno.

One of the most significant associations of his carrier remains that with Zucchero as his long-standing vocalist. Together, great successes such as “BLUES”, “Oro Incenso & Birra”, “Spirito Divino”, “Shake” and “Fly” were made. He wrote and sang the Reverend’s introduction in “Un diavolo In me” (Devil In Me). Zucchero’s most sold hits including “Senza una Donna”, “Hey man”, “Baila”, “Ahum” witness Miles in entwining harmonies and highly effective vocal interplay. Most recently he has participated in the recording of the album “Black Cat”.

Miles subsequently appeared in prime time television shows such as “Festivalbar”, “Torno Sabato”, “Domenica In”, “La Bella e la Bestia”, “Nonsolomoda”, “Cantagiro”. His is also the voice that interpreted the Frank Raya Band hit “Eyah! Eyah!” .As a famous (or infamous!) Blues-Man he has taken part of Carnevale di Venezia e Umbria jazz Festival as well as creating his own collections “Arthur Miles Faces The Blues”,“Arthur Miles & The Blues Shakers – Live At The Scimmie”, “Living the Blues”,  an explosive combination of Blues, Funk e Soul.

Miles’ enormous versatility is expressed not only through the musical genres G&B (Groove&Blues) BLUES, SOUL DANCE, R&B, 70’s COVERS and DANCE MUSIC that make him one of the most sought-after artists in Italy for both live performances and recording sessions, but also as the first promoter of GOSPEL. His widely successful group “The Arthur Miles Gospel Ensemble” reflects not only his own solid and unwavering Faith but also his desire to execute Gospel according to the original American traditions by exclusively using all-black voices.

Miles wrote and interpreted “Jivetime Girl” and “Bring Back The Chic”; He also recorded the song “Hey Mr. D.J.” that immediately became a Summer hit. Seven songs from his album “A Love For All Seasons”, were selected and included in compilations that became the most sold in Italy and Europe. He composed and recorded the hit “Helping Hand” that reached N°2 in the London Top Ten. Miles’ many LPs are enriched by .The albums Flow”, “Trust” “Blue Boy” “Love and Joy” (October 2006), “Blue Avenue” (2010), “Live” (2012) and “Emotions of Love” (2013) follow on.

He continues to write….the best has yet to come……..His current project with Tullio Bellocco has just been completed: “My Time For Love” revisits his great hits “Helping Hand” and “Tripping On Your Love” and includes new, original tracks that will surprise and enthral you!

Singer, Song-Writer, lyricist, Pianist, Band Leader, Producer.  These are the skills that make Miles stand out as a truly great musician.